The first-of-its-kind, SmartDispense has set a new standard for draught beer and cider. Read on to discover our story…

Investing in Quality

In the UK, enjoying a pint in a pub is a cultural institution, and one which will always be in demand. However, we know that a consumer will only buy a second pint based on the quality of the first, meaning that maintaining quality across all areas of your business – particularly dispense – is key.

Following limited innovation in dispense for decades, HEINEKEN overhauled every part of the standard dispense system. The result was SmartDispense, representing a new standard for draught cider and beer dispense. By cooling and insulating from keg to tap, SmartDispense is the best way to deliver great quality draught cider and beer. It’s unique cooling systems saves on energy, while line cleaning being reduced to six-weekly from every seven days saves on waste water, cider, beer and time – all while delivering consistently colder quality pints.

Investing in Sustainability

HEINEKEN has been around for over 150 years, and we know that to be around for another 150 will only be possible if we continue to challenge ourselves to innovate sustainably. Brewing a Better World is our long-term sustainability strategy, and is how we are operating as a more responsible and sustainable business. It is what drives us to address social and environmental issues. 

SmartDispense plays a key role in our ‘Drop the C’ CO2 reduction programme and our ‘Every Drop’ water efficiency programme.

By cooling cider and beer from the moment it leaves the keg, SmartDispense allows line cleaning to be extended from every seven days to every four-weeks, cutting cider, beer, water and chemical waste by 85% and reducing a pub’s energy usage by as much as 20%

SmartDispense systems are installed in approximately 6,000 pubs and bars across the UK. In the first five years since launch, SmartDispense has saved over 100 million pints of water from going down the drain.


SmartDispense systems consistently deliver great quality draught cider and beer by ensuring the beer is kept cold and away from light the whole way through the system. The coolant, and improved insulation from keg to tap assists with reducing the build-up of yeast in the lines, ensuring that cider and beer is kept fresher for longer. This in turn reduces the frequency of line cleaning which is conducted six-weekly by a SmartDispense technician as opposed to every seven days , in turn saving on time.

SmartDispense’s unique green cooling (hydrocarbon) technology ensures that the in-glass dispense temperatures ranges between 1oC and 3oC – a refreshing temperature preferred by consumers.

A first for draught dispense in the UK, SmartDispense developed the ‘e-fob’ and subsequently the ‘C-sense’ – two different, innovative, electronic methods of detecting empty kegs.


In addition to saving on cider and beer waste, water and CO2, the truly ‘Smart’ element of SmartDispense is the support it gives to business growth. Research conducted in our Star Pubs & Bars estate, a major group, and with a number of free-trade customers, demonstrates that SmartDispense can help deliver year-on-year volume growth as a result of its cold and consistent quality pints. With the best reason for ordering a second pint being the quality of the first, SmartDispense pints encourage consumers to come back time and time again.

With systems ranging from one tap to multi-tap, SmartDispense has the solution for your bar’s needs. Our dedicated sales force are fully equipped to help you make the best decision for your outlet – so become part of the SmartDispense success story and get in touch today!

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