Investing in Quality & Sustainability

In the UK, enjoying a draught beer is a cultural institution. One tradition that needed updating though was the old-fashioned equipment used to cool and serve the beer and cider.

We conducted in-depth research and concluded that technical development and innovation was required to improve the quality of the consumer draught drink experience while reducing operational wastage. Not only that, but standard systems were now relatively inefficient in terms of cost and environmental impact.

It was time for a change.

Motivated by the research findings and our number 1 value, ‘A Passion for Quality and Sustainability’, we established a team, including external cooling, electronics and insulation experts, to develop an innovative new draught dispense solution.

To date, we’ve invested over £6 million and seven years of research to develop a first-of-its kind, draught beer dispense system. The result is SmartDispense. A self-contained system and service which offers a winning combination of quality beer, reduced operating costs, less wastage and reassurance for bar operators that the quality of every pint is consistently great for their customers. Remember – The best reason to order a second pint, is the quality of the first one…

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