SmartDispense delivers consistently better draught drink quality by keeping the beer and cider cold and away from the light. Traditional UK systems have bare beer lines running from cellars cooled to 12°C. SmartDispense uses green (hydrocarbon) cooling technology, to chill beer towards 0°C and gives less than 3°C in glass, a refreshing temperature preferred by consumers. SmartDispense is also extremely well insulated, meaning more energy efficiency. The first time the beer or cider sees light, after being put in the keg at the brewery, is when it reaches the glass. Keg connector to tap insulation works in balance with efficient cooling to produce reduced energy loss and a better environmental result.

SmartDispense reduces the frequency of line cleaning. Traditional dispense systems require thorough cleaning every seven days or beer quality suffers. A key barrier to reduce frequency of line cleans was the traditional ‘fob detector jar’ – A key bug trap and quality spoiler. Our unique solution, a first for draught dispense in the UK, was to develop the ‘e-fob’ – An innovative, electronic way of detecting empty kegs. This major technical breakthrough removed the manual fob jar, allowing us to efficiently and effectively chill all the way through to the keg connector. This allows SmartDispense to extend time between line cleans to 4-weeks with confidence whilst reducing beer and water wastage by 75%. We conducted extensive lab and field tests, which showed that even four weeks after cleaning, in glass quality met our high standards.

SmartDispense technology has revolutionised the way draught beer and cider is stored and served. Smaller systems deliver consistently COLD in glass temperatures highly-efficiently, without the need for cellar cooling. Larger MODULE systems allow consistency great quality COLD beer and cider to be served from remote cellar locations, all with frequency of cleaning stretched to 4-weeks. SmartDispense, a system which:

  • Reduces water and line clean chemical use by around 75%*
  • 20%* more efficient coolers and python (beer line) insulation
  • Cuts beer and cider waste from going down the drain by 75%
  • Improves the quality and consistency of draught beer and cider for consumers, helping us all sell more
  • Saves the average pub thousands of pounds a year in reduced wastage, improved dispense yield and pub operator time**

*compared to traditional beer dispense systems
** Savings vary depending on size of pub, number of taps and other variables

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