As a SmartDispense customer you will receive a 4-weekly Quality Service Visit including:

  • System Service Check & Line Clean
  • Glassware & Glasswasher Check
  • Perfect Pour Training
  • Service Visit Report & Quality Recommendations

System Service Check & Line Clean

A professional line clean and service check ensures every pint you serve is great quality, COLD and your SmartDispense is working efficiently to reduce waste and energy costs.
Quality Service Visit Steps

  1. Coupler – External clean, internal brush out, check washers
  2. Module – Check and set gas pressures. Check internal components
  3. Cooler – Check overall running and temperatures. Clean grills and cooler
  4. Lines – A professional, thorough line clean until the system meets a ‘fully clean’ standard from coupler to tap

Glassware & Glasswasher Check

A full glassware and glass washer check with actions and recommendations for a great looking top quality pint.

Glassware & Glasswasher

  • We examine your glassware, testing a sample with glass indicator spray, making recommendations if necessary
  • Every 6 months offer your bar staff glass renovate demonstration and training (up to 2-trays)

We check your Glass Washer:

  • Unit cleanliness
  • Filters and nozzles
  • Detergent and rinse liquids are correct and connected
  • Wash and rinse temperatures
  • We offer glass washer cleaning and glassware hygiene training and detail recommendations in your service report.

Perfect Pour Training

Perfect Pour Training ensures a great looking and tasting quality drink for your customers and less waste in your drip trays.

  • We check tap nozzle cleanliness and cleaning process
  • Demonstrate / advise on overnight nozzle sanitisation
  • Offer Perfect Pour training to demonstrate how to improve your yield and minimise drip tray waste, plus pouring tips to give your customers a great looking and tasting pint
  • Offer recommendations and capture details in your service report

Service Visit Report & Recommendations

The reassurance of a detailed service report after every 4-weekly visit.
After your Quality Service Visit you can have confidence your SmartDispense system is working efficiently and effectively. It has been professionally serviced and cleaned so your draught beer and cider quality is great. Any advice or recommendations will be captured on your service visit report.


Before your first service visit, we will deliver and take you through the SmartHygiene products and how to use them.

Delivering the perfect, fresh pint at the right temperature every time requires a smart approach to hygiene. To get the best savings results and best quality in-glass a simple 3 point plan will deliver SmartHygiene and the optimum performance for your SmartDispense system.

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