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Energy Well Spent

Expert advice on sustainability, employee wellbeing and improving efficiencies in your business.

Insights and knowledge from experts across all areas of hospitality.

Across our Energy Well Spent platform, we’ve gathered all the top tips and advice from over 30 industry experts. We’ve collated this all for operators to access for free – so that they can save time, money and energy. Here, you’ll find easy to access interviews and discussions on the topics that are impacting your business.

Staff wellbeing and retention

In 2023, there were reported to be over 149,000 vacancies within hospitality*. Learn more on how you can improve employee wellbeing and retention through focusing on work-life balance, workplace mental health support, providing career development opportunities.

Sustainable practices

Sustainability is becoming a key driver for businesses across the UK and hospitality is no different. Learn more from the likes of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Pizza Pilgrims and Net Zero Now on how to start your sustainability journey.

Improving energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a challenge facing all operators. Hear from sustainability experts from Zero Carbon Forum, Net Zero Now and Sustainable Restaurant Association and Belu on how to reduce your energy consumption. Alongside this, listen to the real-life experiences from publicans across the UK.

Preparing for EPC changes

The deadlines for operators to implement changes to be EPC compliant are rapidly approaching. Find out how you can meet requirements by adapting your business – such as upgrading insulation, looking at automated lighting systems and broader energy efficiencies.

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