What is SmartDispense™?

HEINEKEN’S SmartDispense™ is more than a dispense system. It’s the beating heart of your bar; an industry-leading business solution that connects dispense technology, services and insights to help you serve your customers better.

It will improve your profitability by increasing the quality of every pint you serve while improving business operations. It will improve your sustainability by reducing beer, water, C02 and cleaning chemical wastage and it will save you valuable line cleaning time that can be reinvested in your business.

Whatever kind of bar you run, SmartDispense™ is the right solution.


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Consistent Quality

Cold delivery system that pours sub 3oc quality pints every time
Save Time

No need to spend time on a weekly line clean – enjoy a service visit from our technicians who will do this for you
Total Support

Confidence guaranteed with six-weekly professional service visit and 29 point system check
Save Water

85%* saving on beer, cider and water wastage via a six-weekly line clean
Save Energy

Up to 20%** more efficient coolers in the cellar and no requirement for secondary cooling, lowering your energy usage
Outlet Support

Receive POS to communicate green credentials to your consumers via The Green Pint

*Minimum throughput 1 keg per week per tap or line cleaning will drop to the shortest SmartDispense cleaning cycle, thus reducing savings.
**Energy efficiency dependent on Flash Chillers being installed, some sites may keep existing chillers.

Standard vs

Smart Dispense

SmartDispense’s unique cooling technology and line insulation from keg to tap is up to 20% more energy efficient than standard systems. This keeps beer and cider at a colder temperature, which ensures that the optimum sub 3oC in-glass temperature is achieved. This innovative technology generates energy savings and maintains temperature, keeping it cleaner for longer and allowing for line cleaning to be extended to every six weeks, instead of every seven days.

These savings, coupled with colder, more consistent and even better quality pints leads to happier and more loyal consumers, helping you sell more pints and make more money.



*Please note there is a service fee charge.

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