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Non-Cellar Systems


Draught beer anywhere

Blade is the neat, professional, counter-top system that allows draught beer and cider to be served pretty much anywhere.

It’s the perfect addition to any bar – especially if you want to provide customers with the option of zero alcohol beer.

  • Ideal for adding Heineken 0.0 to high volume outlets
  • Professional pour for side bars and low volume outlets
  • Consistent, high-quality serve at 2ºC – and stays fresh for 30 days
  • Fits anywhere – no maintenance, no line cleaning required
  • Brewlock kegs.

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Counter top





Gas Required



Heineken 0.0, Birra Moretti, Brixton Reliance Pale Ale & Orchard Thieves

See Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Tap type:N/A
Brands:Heineken 0.0, Birra Moretti, Tiger
Keg type:Brewlock
Keg size:8L
Returnable/ recyclable kegs:Recyclable
Gas required:No
Cleaning cycle:No. Disposable line in keg
Size specs (H x W x D):590 x 290 x 471 mm

See what a customer with SmartDispense says?

The maintenance and training support we receive from the HEINEKEN team, together with the repeat custom we enjoy thanks to the guaranteed perfect pour has made installing SmartDispense one of our best decisions.

Hayley Flinders, THE NEWMARKET INN, Lewes

See what a customer with SmartDispense says?

Since installing SmartDispense technology, we have seen a significant increase in sales thanks to the uplift in quality. Plus, the support and training offered by the SmartDispense technicians has ensured that every member of the team is able to serve a perfect pint.


See what a customer with SmartDispense says?

We decided to install SmartDispense across each of our venues which has had a positive impact on our profits. Working with HEINEKEN has always been a great partnership for us, and the support and training they offer truly makes SmartDispense the easiest system you’ll ever use.

Richard Miller, CURIOUS VENUES, Nottingham


Non-Cellar systems


Single tap, self-contained unit

BarPro XL

Two tap, self-contained unit

BarPro CF

Up to 4 taps for bars with no cellar