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Cellar Systems

Cellar Manager

Cut energy costs with CellarManager

CellarManager can reduce your energy consumption and costs by 36% a year.*

  • CellarManager is a SMARTER way to control your cellar cooling and reduces your energy bills and carbon footprint
  • Average electricity saving of 5,221 KWh or around £1460p.a.** and reduced carbon footprint of 1.11 tonnes of CO2e†
  • Available as an optional extra.

* Independent test results based on subterranean and ground floor pub cellars of varying sizes.

** 36% saving = £1460 p.a, using energy rate of 28p per Kwh based on energy price cap rates from 1st April 2022.

† CO2e stands for Carbon Dioxide equivalent and is a term used for describing different greenhouse gases in a common unit.

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Cellar systems


For bars with unlimited taps

CellarPro CF

For bars with up to 4 taps